How to find the right summer camp

Finding the right summer camp

Finding the right summer camp is a real challenge. Parents spend weeks and weeks scouring the internet looking for a camp to help their child grow during the summer months. I mean, that is what you are doing right now! See you scour the internet for months leading up to Summer. When summer comes and you load up the car to drive your kids to Camp you wonder did I make the right decision? Our summer camp review site aims to help families better understand what's out there and do research to pick the right summer camp for their child. Now there are a lot of options from specialty camps for sports or science or engineering to developmentally Focus cams for Aspergers ADHD or Autism. If you're looking for a traditional summer camp we have reviews on those two. We are seasoned professionals who not only attended summer camp from early years but we worked at summer camp, ran summer camps, and truly understand what it takes to create positive summer camp experience for family is all around the country. The four tips below should help you make a decision as to finding the right camp. 

Licenses and My Summer Camp

Start the research early and understand licensures and accreditation for your area. Has the camp been licensed to the American Camp Association? Have they had any past challenges or problems that you should know about? What do their online reviews look like from Yelm to the Better Business Bureau doing some research online can help you avoid a poor summer experience for your child.

Reviews from Other Families

What do other families say about the summer program? you can check reviews online and read what other people post, but sometimes these are limited. Ask to speak with prior families about their summer experience. Any reputable Camp will be able to give you families from the past who are willing to be transparent about their experience. Ask neighbors are friends if they've heard of the camp or had any of their children go. Summer camp reviews can only go so far so when you're really at that consideration phase reach out to the families and ask to learn a little bit more.

How Close are the Ages at Camp?

age range. You don't want a 10 year old in a summer camp with 17 year olds and you don't want to send it to year old in summer camp with 10 year olds. What becomes important is to make sure that your child is surrounded by kids their age. Smaller Camp sometimes provide a very intimate experience that allow them to grow but if the age ranges are all over the place they will not have the best summer experience. When Reviewing summer camps contact the program to better understand if your child is going to be in a smaller group that's focused on their age or in a larger group with kids years Beyond or behind them. Ask how large group sizes are and what expectations should be for the entire summer.

Cost Matters, Ask About Price!

Price. Price should be an important consideration when looking at camp. Too costly and you may ask yourself why you didn't do a family camp or take a trip to Europe. Two inexpensive and the concern may be the quality of care that your child has or the people that are being staffed there. Staffing costs are the largest cost center for any summer camp. ask questions about training education level and prior experience of the staff at a summer camp when you're starting to consider the cost. Also asked what activities your child is going to be doing how often are getting off-campus and safety protocols to follow. Camp should not be a cheap activity, but it should be one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. When looking to make the right decision for a summer camp there are a few things to consider. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to email us at and we will try to field any of your questions directly.

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